Our Hotel

Discover Our New Hotel In Downtown LA

Our hotel is about much more than a place to drop your bag. We’re here to inspire the open-minded explorer, to encourage digging deep below the surface to collect experiences like some people collect souvenirs. Streamlined and high designed for diving in, taking in, and being fully here.


Hotel Amenities & Services

  • Mobile check-in & keyless entry
  • In-room app streaming
  • Text-to-guest
  • Access to The Kitchen for DIY dining
  • 3 Restaurant & bar venues including The Gaslighter Social Club, The Rooftop, and Lilly Rose
  • Daily $10 Gaslighter Breakfast Credit
  • Hosted on-site events
  • Custom art installations
  • Flex common areas
  • Curated LA library collection
  • Private event space
  • Daily 2 complimentary beverages, beer or wine
  • Daily 2 box waters at the front desk

Location & Exploration

What’s wayfaring? It’s an elusive moment when location meets exploration. The gentle (or not so gentle) tug at your heart that tells you you’re about to experience something new. Sights, sounds, aromas that arouse your senses, urging you to dig deeper and experience the truth of a place.

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Wayfarers look at life through an unclouded lens, open to uncharted experiences, unexplored ideas, unexpected design. Defying structure, impossible to define, our lifestyle celebrates the local and little-known.

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As wayfarers, we embrace life as a series of experiences, stitched together over time, little by little. Small moments merging into life-altering opportunities, every experience inspiring our sense of self-discovery.

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