Films should be more than just watched, they should be lived. Fork n’ Film is committed to creating experiences that go beyond the screen, where you can taste, smell, and savor the world of your favorite movies. Catch a Fork n’ Film event in Lilly Rose and embark on a cinematic and culinary journey you'll never forget.

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Image info Indulge in Culinary Cinema

Indulge in Culinary Cinema

Fork n’ Film and The Wayfarer DTLA's Lilly Rose blend culinary delights with cinematic experiences, offering a unique fusion of dining and entertainment. Fork n’ Film invites visitors to savor delectable dishes inspired by classic and contemporary cinema, while The Wayfarer DTLA's Lilly Rose transports guests to an immersive world of film-themed cocktails and ambiance. Enjoy an unforgettable journey where gourmet cuisine meets the magic of the silver screen, creating a haven for cinephiles and food enthusiasts alike.

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