Good Things Are Coming

Blue Sea Beach Hotel is now

The Wayfarer San Diego

Over the next few months you’ll see it coming.
A long-awaited transformation is about to take place
as The Blue Sea Beach Hotel becomes the Wayfarer
San Diego. This is not just another PB hotel.

The Wayfarer San Diego is a new take on how you experience the city; a place for curious minds, bold encounters, and where adventure and inspiration find
you at every turn.

Where You Go
Is Just The Beginning

Drop your bags and dive in. This is home - for the day, the week, the undefined stretch measured not in minutes but in moments of self-discovery.

We’re here to inspire the open-minded explorer, to encourage digging deep below the surface to collect experiences like some people collect seashells on the beach.

Find Your Way

san diego wayfarer make your way

Hey, I Know You!

First thing you’ll notice are the rooms. Enter bolder, more streamlined guest rooms brimming with a higher intelligence and precise intention. 

You’ll still see familiar faces like that bright and beachy feel, plush bedding, lightning-fast Wi-Fi, and scary smart TVs that stream. Changes to the common areas will soon follow. So be sure to be around for the big reveal. We know it’s not like you to experience anything second-hand.

Fear of Missing Out?